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More students – a new challenge

Today our group received twice as much students in comparison to yesterday. This was a bit stressful, as I had already set up a plan for some students. Hence, I tried to provide my new students with the material I already had and it appeared they found it interesting. My day was as following:

  1. Testing new students (I was the examiner) 
  2. Correcting
  3. Eating lunch (this was not easy, specially walking to the restaurant)
  4. Going through a text about piracy and distribution of intellectual properties.
  5. Answering questions
  6. Giving students homework (I was the only one who gave homework)
  7. Going through a text I wrote some months before (it seemed to be very hard, so we did not have time finish it. This might tell that the text is either very advanced or …, it is very good)
  8. We went through how to write a paragraph.

We did not have time to do that much because of the test, so tomorrow we are going to spend even more time on studying (it is raining tomorrow)!!!

Below, some pictures from my notes on the board:




Summer school in Falun


This photo is taken by my grandma that she directly uploaded on Facebook.

Since the last week I have participated in a project arranged by AIK to provide assistance for year 8-9 students in the core subjects, i.e. English, Swedish and Mathematics. I have of course chosen English as that is one of my best subjects so far! We started by giving them a test that I to some extent constructed, and after that we interviewed them. I participated in the interview as well, and during that interview I met individuals from various backgrounds.

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