Recently, I asked my grandmother about her thoughts about the technological development since her youth in the USSR and now. She said it has change a lot, as when she went to school, there were no calculators, however, as her mother (my great-grandmother) did some calculations at home, she brought a mechanical device, which you needed to turn around in order to calculate something. Later on, at the university, grandma got a special card that you could use to calculate stuff on a machine that was as big as an entire room from her friend with a phrase on the back side.

To Taisa (grandma) as a memory of the spirit of modernism.

After some time, these machines got smaller, and finally reached the current personal computers. Even in my mind, since I started to use a computer, I began to use Windows XP (once I got the permission to use it), I have  experienced a technological development as well. Windows XP is probably the OS I have used most of the time; I never changed to Vista. When I was writing this post, I was using Windows 8.

Other programs like Microsoft Office and Visual Studio have changed several times. Below, some stuff I found that reminds me about the past.