CliZ Ware Blog was first published in Nov 2010, although CliZ Ware was actually launched in June 2009. This blog was my primary blog that I used to publish articles with focus on technology news and tips. The blog underwent great changed, for example, the theme was changed several times and also the quality of each article continuously improved, as did my English. I was 14 years when I wrote my first thread and my last thread was written at the age of 17.

Now, I have three other blogs to maintain, that is Mathos Project, Serial Key Manager, and this blog. As you can see, having four blogs can be both time consuming and difficult, but that is not the reason why I decided today to shutdown the blog. The reason is because I thought it would take very much time to improve the layout and the focus of the blog. As I progressed, I learned to keep things in order, and so every blog I maintain at this point is very focused on a specific topic. This blog you are reading right now, however, has a primary emphasis on technology and things I feel to write about. Both the blog I shutdown today and this blog have a common denominator – technology and tips. So, I decided to merge all posts from the old blog to my new blog.

If you came to this page from an external link, I would recommend you to search through this website, because all posts that were in my old blog are copied to this blog.

Please feel free to tell me what you think about it here.