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Serial Key Manager finished in 2-3 days! :)

From SKM’s blog:

Today, Serial Key Manager received some final revisions, and in max 2-3 days, the application will be complete. Here is an overview of what’s done so far:

As you might already know, the main idea behind this application is to make generation of serial keys more efficient, and avoid any duplicates, which might be the case in Software Protector. Since many users nowadays prefer to use their browser, the application is hosted online, which makes it possible to access/create/validate your keys anywhere, anytime.

Both SKGL API and Software Protector are open-source application, and hopefully, this website application will give everyone who likes SKGL/Software Protector an opportunity to make a donation and get something in return, in this case, a Premium user in Serial Key Manager.

You might wonder why there are so few posts about Serial Key Manger at this stage. That’s simply because all time and effort is put into making this web application a quality product.

We look forward to any feedback about Serial Key Manger! 🙂

Complex numbers: absolute value and conjugates

An interesting fact can be noted down that is similar for absolute values and conjugates:

$$ |z| = a^2+b^2 $$

$$ z times z^* = a^2+b^2$$

This means that:

$$|z| =z times z^* $$.

Using simple algebra, we can rearrange these, and later be able to find an absolute value, given complex number and its conjugate, for example.

Listings error solved!

Listings is a very good LaTeX package if you want to implement python, or any other code into your document. However, when I was installing the package, I constantly got the error that “listings.sty” is missing, despite MiKTeX downloading it for me. The solution to this problem is straightforward:

  1. Find “latex.exe” and launch it.
  2. Type “$ texhash” (without the “”)
  3. Type the file “listings.sty”
  4. Done! If you get an error that a you need to specify the log file, just skip it, it will work without it!

Website Protection

C# Fundamentals – Data structures (variables, arrays, types) [4]

Soon done with Serial Key Manager

For approx. 1 month ago, I got an idea to develop an application that will solve a problem in Software Protector, namely storage of serial keys. Some users might find it a bit unpractical not being able to save the generated keys, which might be a disadvantage for somewhat bigger projects.

Hopefully, this project will be complete in the nearest time. Please check back soon! 🙂

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Parse mathematical expressions using C#.NET

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