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the Wall (CliZ Ware Dev Net)

the Wall the newest PHP project under development. The goal with this project is to create an easy programmed blog system, where you writes stuff directly on the wall.  Some similar example for this project is Facebook’s commenting system. I’ve been also inspired by their “What happens now” site. However, you will be able to link to you post and comment them. Very easy blog system.

This project has been promoted from Dev Net to Currently is it only the Alfa version but if we give it some time it could be something very big.

This project is using PHP with MySQL and of cause HTML/CSS. In fact, now Javascript.

Thanks for reading, Artem!

New websites are finished!

On CliZ Ware you can have files (just for developing purposes). If you make something good you may get an own sub domain at clizware! Please send an email to if you wish to get some free space! Currently we have a good website to show which reserve a sub domain at! the website i’m talking about.

Why should you develop on clizware?

You will have access to create own php files which you can do very much cool things! Please take a look over the PHP language and try to learn it!

The good resource is these official website But I recommend you to learn from this resource first, the you can continue learning by the web. When you have to look up some functions I still recommend you If you wish to have some database to experiment with I can create one, just say It.

Now It’s all! Thanks for reading!

Regads, Artem Los (


CliZ Ware Mail System (Mail Sender) is a new form processor based on HTML.
More information will come soon!

Regards Artem Los


End of holidays and the developened is back in the work again!

Regards, Artem Los


This week will the CliZ Ware development be paused. In meantime you can always visit the webpage but the email “support” will not work until the pause end. It’s meaning that from 24 December to 2/3/4 January will CliZ Ware’s workers(I) take a break.

Please write us a feedback if you could!

Regards, Artem

New website under development

CliZ Ware did changed main website design 2010-12-19 to make it faster and flexible. Now it’s use CSS, HTML, and Java Script. The development will take some time.

To see CliZ Ware’s newest design you have to visit the main page of CliZ Ware. The website is currently hosted in our developing environment. More information about this update will be placed here or on our newest website!

Regards, Artem


SKBL serial key builder library and SKGL serial key generating lirbary is an encryption library based on .NET Framework 3.5.

The mission of currently project is to create a free encryption library which all can use. SKGL is the latest version of serial key encryption

Difference: SKBL. is the first serial key encryption library made by CliZ Ware. You type a key template and it will generate a keys based on the template. SKGL is more encryption based. You encrypt a text (ex. date, name, place)  and get a 20 chars long serial key.

Release day: SKGL is almost finish and SKBL is complete for a long time ago.  The last thing to do is license and a good installation!

WordPress is now on clizware to!

Yes, It is true. Now you can host you blog here to!

If you need help just ask me at

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