IExpress is an easy to use, free of charge, build in to Windows setup system. It consist of an easy wizard, which is also a big help to all new software developers. In order to call the program, type iexpress.exe in Run.

This is the first screen of the installer. You can either choose an existing SED file, which is basically a plaint text, or you can create a new SED file with the easy wizard.

Later on, you will be able to chose from different kinds of setups.Ether you create a setup project with an installation command, extract files only, or a CAB file that might be used by other applications.

Eventually, you will be able to specify what to display on the target machine, which files that are to be extracted, a licence agreement, dialog boxes, and more.

An advantage with IExpress is certainly the ability to use it right away – it is already installed in Windows. It is also easy-to-use and it outputs an EXE file. The output executable is also easy to follow, easy to install. Finally, it is free of charge!