Precision Helper 2.0 is very useful when you want to create a CHM (Windows Help) files. You can create new, import websites (directory), decompile an existing CHM file, etc. It can also convert your project into a single webpage, or ePub Book. It’s freaky awesome, and it’s why i’m creating a Swedish translation of it! This program has a good language support.  It has both English, Czech, French, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and soon enough Swedish! 😛

Obviously is this software full of more nicer features, such as scripting interface and a very easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface). I won’t list all features, but I strongly recommend you to visit its official website

The design of the program is much similar Microsoft Word’s, but I think it does not matter! With few words, this software is freaky awesome tool for creating CHM files! Try it out!

Regards, Artem Los