Welcome to this thread about web browsers!

Webb browser is a software which can execute and understand files such as htm/html. That you are get is a viewable website.

Short history: The first website on the web did contained links to other website. Now, we can easily use a search engine to find what we are looking for. After a while did they added more cool stuff and now are you able to see a well designed webpage. The first, official, is Mosaic, which was made for Unix at first. Then It could also be used in windows. The next, very famous, browser is Netscape Navigator.  Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome are based on it. We can say that Netscape Navigator was replaced by these but in fact is Mozilla Firefox the first browser build on this source. The big concurrent of Netscape navigator was Microsoft Internet Explorer, which was build into the Windows operating system. It was, by some, a monopolistic event and illegal business practice.

Today: Currently is it only 5 browsers which is popular. It is Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera browser. In March 2011, statistic by www.w3school.com, did the statistic over the web browser usage looked like this:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: 25,8%
  • Mozilla Firefox: 42,2%
  • Google Chrome: 25,0%
  • Apple Safari: 4,0%
  • Opera browser: 2,5%

As you can see are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome the most popular browsers today.

How can I create a website: If you wish you can easily create a very awesome website. All you need is the knowledge of HTML, Hyper Text Markup Language, maybe CSS, Cascading Style Sheets. If you can it all you will soon enough have a knowledge of how to create an advance website.

*Please note that some information in this text may be true or false. This is just an overview how it was before. The information here has no stable source which can be trusted. The text here is based on my own knowledge about how it was. Thanks!