Today, I published one of my summer projects – a book (a chapter) – as open-source, on GitHub. The reason why it’s open source, the purpose and goal, and finally how I got started is described below.

Why open source?

The initial aim of the book was to make computer science mathematics more accessible, which shaped it quite a lot. First of all, the programming language used is JavaScript, which I believe is the one many people have access to. Not all languages are like that, and some you have to pay for. JavaScript, on the other hand, can be access on all machines (computers, phones) that have access to a web browser. Secondly, the book can, from now on, be accessed free of charge. The code (written in TeX) is also available. I hope that this will allow an even greater audience able to access it. Thirdly, each chapter (right now it’s only one) should describe the subject from scratch. It’s not assumed that you should have some prior knowledge to be able to understand it.

Purpose and goal

I’ve partly described it above, but there is more to it. There are two groups the book should target: young programmers and non-programmers. Regarding the first group, my experience tells me that there is a tendency that many young programmers skip the underlying concepts of mathematics behind some computer operations and instead focus on the code (in some cases, you don’t even need to code that much). The latter group will still find many concepts interesting and my goal is to show that computer science is fun and not as scary as they might think.

How it started

The first time I came across this idea is when I was contacted by an editor at Apress in the beginning of November 2013. Before that, I recently published a short course reference for Algorithms via C# course, which I haven’t had the opportunity to start properly (see KSDN).  After a consultation with one of my teachers, I decided to keep focused on the diploma to get good grades and later on the book. So, sometime in June I started writing the chapter about modular arithmetic that I thought I knew a lot of about. But, when I started writing I had to continue doing research and learn the concepts (from several sources) and later write it down. Since I want to write it in my own phase (when I have time) and want people to have access to it, it’s not published as a traditional book but rather as a digital one.

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