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Parse mathematical expressions using C#.NET

Software Protector [Identical key generation]

Mathos Project website updating

Mathos Project websites, and are for the moment under a big update, and hence not available for the moment. This will be fixed 31/1, but it might take longer time depending on several factors.

Please check back soon! 🙂

Update of SKGL API

For approximately one week ago, I released a newer version of the SKGL API. This update has no significance to the way you’ve used Software Protector and SKGL before, however, keys generated in the previous versions will not be validated in this release.

This is mainly because of the change to a part of the algorithm that caused a small bug, which was mentioned here.

Fortunately, this bug is fixed, so you can continue to protect your ideas with Software Protector! 🙂

P.S. Please check out the Facebook page at

Privacy on the Internet

One of the topics that has been emphasised previous year is privacy – something that might turn into scarce in the nearest feature. In this article we are going to look at several factors, and investigate different aspects of this issue.

As we know, a lot of us like to share different events, emotions, what to eat, what to dress, with whom to break a relation, etc, on internet, using social networks. It has become some sort of trend during the past three years, and it seems to continue, despite campaigns that are consolidating people to stop using them, it is still more newly registered users every day. Probably, the term privacy has been vaporized, and if not, it might do that in future.

A lot of articles that support the idea that privacy is outdated, and that today everyone is more open might do that for several reasons. First, they are either convinced by this idea, or, they simply want to protect their business, and encourage more people to use it. Everything leads to profit, and this is understandable.

We have for instance seen discussions about how Google and other search companies collect information, which triggered a reaction of several people. Also, we have seen articles about Facebook, and how some people could lose their job because of things they wrote. But what everything leads to is the actual person. If that person would think about that what he writes, there would not have been a problem. This is probably not similar to when you search on internet, because you are not actually writing something in public, but, you are still giving away a lot of information, which later will be used to decide what advertisement you should see when searching. This is not necessarily wrong, because why should we see an article about politics of a country, when you actually were searching for cheep journeys. However, at some point, it might feel a bit creepy!

I think we should keep in mind that internet is a tool, which everyone should be able to use, and in the same time consider the consequences of what they do (write, publish). Internet is amazing; the way we can communicate has contributed to developments of, for instance, the English language, and also other languages. The ability to work with people on the other side of the globe, share ideas; simply – contribute to a better feature. Internet is a place that everyone should enjoy to take a part of, but in the same time, be able to understand that there will always be those who abuse it – the bad guys,  as with any innovation in the world!

Software Protector [machine locking]

Software Protector [feature locking]

Finally, a demo of how you might implement feature locking into your application has been released by SKGL project December 28, 2012. This tutorial consist of a video, a demo website,, and source code, Below, some screenshots:

The application


The website


The video

C# Fundamentals and Algorithms via C#

For some weeks now, I have had a course in C# programming. That was really fun, because everyone could learn something new, improve their current knowledge, or simply get an understanding for computer programming. Although, I already know the material quite well, I somehow feel that these weeks gave me an opportunity to improve the way I explain something for an audience with no previous experience in programming better.

My goal with the entire project is to make students enjoy computer programming, and show that there are a lot of interesting aspects that might be useful in the new, technical world.

Sometimes it is difficult to know, how much of the content that I have been talking about is understandable, and if it is understandable at all. Some students do interpret things quicker, and are insatiable, using the positive meaning of this word, and some do need more time.

Currently, I am preparing for the Algorithms via C#, even though I have finished the Course Reference.

Some of the course is available online, and I will try to publish it on the, or

I hope you will enjoy the course, even if it is not that easy to follow, without any attendance. However, If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, or if you would like, you can attend at the any other occasion, when this course will take place (probably 2013). There is no fee for the course!. Simply contact me at the IB department of the school, and I will register you for it.

The course takes place at Katedralskolan, Uppsala (Skolgatan 2, 753 12 Uppsala, SWEDEN).

Hope to see you soon,

Artem L.

Mathos core library update

I would like to announce that today Mathos Project has been upgraded to version Beta 2 (1.0.1), with more amazing features.

Mathos Project has an aim to develop a mathematical library, in order to facilitate the calculating process in different areas of mathematics.

I am excited to say that during these month, since the project start in Jun, a lot of clever people has contributed, and made this project to what it is today.

Please check out the project website at:

IP-telephony – a troublemaker on the market

All of us have probably tried to use Skype or other software that provide voice and/or video communication through the internet. The only requirement that both users should fulfill, is to have the application installed, and in some cases a registered account. When that is done, we can easily communicate without paying any fees. That sounds great!

Since the smartphone market has grown, more users can now afford a really good phone that allows them to use these software in the same way as on a regular computer. The only cost that might be a problem is probably the internet connection, but by having the right telephone contract, that problem would disappear.

That seems to be good for consumers, because you can call for no cost, but for the company that is providing telephony – no! If the income of the companies was before on the phone calls mainly, from now on, this ip-telephony might change the market dramatically.

However, some companies might block this port to prevent users from using this technique. So, before you consider to sign a new telephone contract, see if that company allows you to use ip-telephony, and if the port that, for instance, Skype is using is open.

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