For some weeks now, I have had a course in C# programming. That was really fun, because everyone could learn something new, improve their current knowledge, or simply get an understanding for computer programming. Although, I already know the material quite well, I somehow feel that these weeks gave me an opportunity to improve the way I explain something for an audience with no previous experience in programming better.

My goal with the entire project is to make students enjoy computer programming, and show that there are a lot of interesting aspects that might be useful in the new, technical world.

Sometimes it is difficult to know, how much of the content that I have been talking about is understandable, and if it is understandable at all. Some students do interpret things quicker, and are insatiable, using the positive meaning of this word, and some do need more time.

Currently, I am preparing for the Algorithms via C#, even though I have finished the Course Reference.

Some of the course is available online, and I will try to publish it on the, or

I hope you will enjoy the course, even if it is not that easy to follow, without any attendance. However, If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, or if you would like, you can attend at the any other occasion, when this course will take place (probably 2013). There is no fee for the course!. Simply contact me at the IB department of the school, and I will register you for it.

The course takes place at Katedralskolan, Uppsala (Skolgatan 2, 753 12 Uppsala, SWEDEN).

Hope to see you soon,

Artem L.