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The right modulo

Recently, I’ve published an article here about the modular operator, and its defect. I’m not quite sure if the content is  hundred pro cents right, though. The previous post was about an encryption in Java Script, where I’ve used a certain function to get the modulo.

The prototype above is solving the entire problem. By writing a number, ex, “5.mod(3)” you will perform an modular operation 5 mod 3. The code itself is from where you also might read more about that particular issue.

To see the code in work, please view this example:

Visual Studio 2012 is comming

 Visual Studio will soon be upgraded to a new version, 2012. It will be more integrated into the new Windows 8 operating system, with all designing features available in Windows. For designers, it will be more easier to only use XAML as a language for the UI. XAML is also integrated into other designing products of Microsoft, especially in Expression Blend. Visual Studio’s IDE is also changing a lot. Now, you will have the same designer features for all supported languages, for example, C#, C++, VB. XAML designer is a new designing tool that should make it easier to synchronize Visual Studio with Expression Blend.


Private information lock

When you are working for instance, on a project that should be hidden from other eyes, it is a good idea to secure it. All that can be done by TrueCrypt.

TrueCrypt – is an encrypting software that provides you with all functions that are needed to secure your secret information. There are several main features, that are pretty useful:

  • Creating a virtual disc (a file that is your disc; where you can put other files.)
  • Encrypting entire partition, storage device such as USB, or hard drive.
  • Encrypting a partition that contains Windows. (pre-boot)
  • Creating a hidden volume.

(there are more features as well!)

After some few experiments, I would say that the best way to secure your files is by “Creating a virtual disc“. However, it depends on the purpose as well. If your entire computer is to be protected, it is better to “Encrypt the Windows partition” and all other internal discs on the computer. By doing this kind of encryption, you will be prompted to enter a secret password each time the Windows boots. The good thing is, if you get your computer stolen, the information will remain inaccessible for all except you. Correctly speaking, it will remain accessible for anyone with the password. If you suddenly forget the main password, you can say “bye” to the information of yours.

By creating a virtual drive, your information (folder system with all files) will remain safe in one big file (the size is assigned when creating it). When you will encrypt your entire drive (Windows partition) it is good to take a backup of all your information, because it might be something that causes data lose (eventually a bug).

There are also an opportunity to hide a volume. It is also a good advanced feature that is build into TrueCrypt.”The principle is that a TrueCrypt volume is created within another TrueCrypt volume (within the free space on the volume). Even when the outer volume is mounted, it should be impossible to prove whether there is a hidden volume within it or not*, because free space on any TrueCrypt volume is always filled with random data when the volume is created** and no part of the (dismounted) hidden volume can be distinguished from random data. Note that TrueCrypt does not modify the file system (information about free space, etc.) within the outer volume in any way.“, (read more).

TrueCrypt is free for use, and can be downloaded here. If you like it, please donate to keep this program active!

Spotify is growing fast

Spotify is a music streaming service that is available in a big part of Europe and USA. The software itself consist of different versions: a free – “Open”, an “Unlimited”, and “Premium”. One of the big differences in-between these version is the advertising. The Open version contains advertising and a limited amount of listening hours. The Unlimited version is as Premium, but without certain mobile features. (Read more here…).

As Financial Times reported, the amount of premium users has grown from 15% to 20% in Mars 2011, which means ca 2.5 million premium users.

More about spotify at

Chaos on the Web

The Web is changing all the time. From a technical perspective, more functions are added, which opens doors to new possibilities. From a developer perspective though, it is getting more expensive to test web pages in all browsers. Before, when Internet Explorer had more users, it was worth to only check the page in IE and still make it available for most of the web users. Now, when all old/new minor browsers are getting big, you cannot be sure that all will view the page as you want to. That means that more time is needed to make a page compatible for all browsers.

HTML5 – which should not be platform or web-browser based, is shown differently depending on web-browser, web-browser version and platform. With other words, a page on, for instance,  windows using Firefox, would not be displayed the same on a Firefox browser on Android.

The big issue with all kinds of web-browsers is that more time is needed to test a project, which might be expensive. Once again, if a project is to be tested in all web-browsers, it may cause project delay, or, to solve the first issue of time, it might require more web-developers, tester, which might therefore cost more.

I do not think that this issue may be solved in the nearest future, because we are getting more and more devices, such as smartphone, tablet-PC, TV, et cetera. Everything listed has an pre-build web-browser. In the current situation, we cannot take it for sure, that the web-page will be displayed correctly on all devices.

SKBL [2009]

Three years ago, I did one of my first project that is used to secure .NET Applications. It is called SKBL – Serial Key Builder Library. It works in both Visual Basic and C#.

You may download it here! (The documentaion file is included.)
SKBL Setup

If you have some questions, please ask me at “artem.los at”

Happy New Year!
Artem Los.

HTML Encryptor 1.00

Today, a new release is available at CliZ Ware. It is a html encryption software that might be used to encrypt your web-pages. As I wrote in my previous post, there is a question of time how long it might take to crack this code.

However, you might use this software, but, the banner that is inside all pages should stay, so, do not remove it please! This is currently a free software, may it will be a shareware, I do not know.

Download by clicking here
Encryption of a file sample

HTML Encryptor

CliZ HTML Editor

Today, I would like to present the latest realize at CliZ Ware. It is a HTML editor that
can handle both html, css, and java script. Although it cannot compile served based languages such as PHP, ASP, it has a great feature – direct view changes of the html source.

This html editor is only for experimenting i.e. it is not for designing something. You may use it only in non-commercial ways i.e. you are not allowed to use it for some kind of business/profit purpose.

This editor will soon be available as an offline html source. Please remember, this software is copyrighted by Artem Los,
which means that all credits should go to the author!

You can access the editor here:

Good Luck!
Artem Los

Precision Helper 2.0

Precision Helper 2.0 is very useful when you want to create a CHM (Windows Help) files. You can create new, import websites (directory), decompile an existing CHM file, etc. It can also convert your project into a single webpage, or ePub Book. It’s freaky awesome, and it’s why i’m creating a Swedish translation of it! This program has a good language support.  It has both English, Czech, French, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and soon enough Swedish! 😛

Obviously is this software full of more nicer features, such as scripting interface and a very easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface). I won’t list all features, but I strongly recommend you to visit its official website

The design of the program is much similar Microsoft Word’s, but I think it does not matter! With few words, this software is freaky awesome tool for creating CHM files! Try it out!

Regards, Artem Los

Working on translation

Currently, is my new mission, to translate a software, called “Precision Helper”. It’s very nice software, and it’s why i’m translating it! With few words, it’s free and awesome. The software can be downloaded from

More information will come soon!
Artem Los, Head of CliZ Ware

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