Microsoft SurfaceiPad was the only device that actually succeed on the tablet-pc market since 2010, from that “magical day“. No other tablet-pc has gotten much traction as Apple’s iPad (except the Kindle Fire from Amazon). But yesterday, that changed. Microsoft has now a new clear goal: to make a tablet that’s better than the iPad.

By announcing their new product, Surface, which will be available in two versions: one with Windows RT, and the other one with Windows 8 Pro (full list of features), they will probably set a stop for Apple’s monopoly on iPads, because of the good quality of the device and amazing new features that are not avaialable in iPad.

Keyboard is one of the features that will be better in Surface than iPad’s touch keyboard because of following reasons:

  1. When writing something such as an email or a document, it is impossible to do it as quickly as it can be done with a physical keyboard.
  2. There are keyboards that are available for iPad as well (3rd party products), but they are nothing compared to Microsoft’s build-in keyboard, which is in the same time portable, because of the form.
  3. Also, the keyboard is easy to attach to the tablet by magnets.
  4. As an advantage, the keyboard for Microsoft’s Surface will be in several colours, which is a clear benefit of in comparison with iPad.

The size of the screen is also a great benefit of this device. The one with Windows 8 Pro will have a 10.6 ClearType Full HD display, and as it is announced, Microsoft’s Surface will have the same dimension as a movie screen, so no black borders will be shown.

The storage is a big advantage, specially when comparing Windows 8 Pro model with iPad. You will get up to 128GB, whereas iPad only allows you 64GB.

The amount of ports on a Microsoft’s Surface beats iPad totally. In both versions you will have two USB ports, but as a great future, Window’s 8 Pro model will support USB 3.0, whereas Windows RT model only supports USB 2.0.

There are of course other amazing features available that are not listed here, so please visit the official website of Microsoft’s Surface, or the source of this article at CNN.