When I was searching on my project at google.com, and when I found it at Softpedia, I was a bit surprised.

Originally, my plan was to make Software Protector a part of SKGL API, as an example of how people might use the library to generate and/or validate their own serial keys through their .NET projects. This changed yesterday. I think it would be better to say that SKGL API is a part of Software Protector. The positions of the projects have now been changed to something that I did not expect before. That is good!

Something that really impressed me was the description of the software at Softpedia. It was written by someone else!

Software Protector is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to protect your software from hackers and theft.

Software Protector is able to generate strong and unbreakable serial keys in order to make sure that your development work is fully protected. You can customize the creation and expiration date for trials.

The idea behind the entire project has always been to make a software protection utility free of charge and also open source based. Because of the fact that almost all programs that really do the same thing are expensive for a single developer, my motto is to make it simple to use, simple to develop the core and adjust it, and finally for no cost!