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The spirit of modernism in the computer world

Recently, I asked my grandmother about her thoughts about the technological development since her youth in the USSR and now. She said it has change a lot, as when she went to school, there were no calculators, however, as her mother (my great-grandmother) did some calculations at home, she brought a mechanical device, which you needed to turn around in order to calculate something. Later on, at the university, grandma got a special card that you could use to calculate stuff on a machine that was as big as an entire room from her friend with a phrase on the back side.

To Taisa (grandma) as a memory of the spirit of modernism.

After some time, these machines got smaller, and finally reached the current personal computers. Even in my mind, since I started to use a computer, I began to use Windows XP (once I got the permission to use it), I have  experienced a technological development as well. Windows XP is probably the OS I have used most of the time; I never changed to Vista. When I was writing this post, I was using Windows 8.

Other programs like Microsoft Office and Visual Studio have changed several times. Below, some stuff I found that reminds me about the past.


Finally, I received my Office 2013!

Today I received my new Office 2013, but this version is Home & Student. The reason why I did not buy Office 360 University is because it would stop working after 4 years, and I really wanted to buy a product and not a subscription. Office 360 has many good features, for instance the ability to upgrade the office when a new release arrives, and it is possible to install it on more computers. However, I am currently only using my Lenovo Yoga 13 laptop, so I only need one single copy + SkyDrive (which is included).

I also found that this time I do not need to use any CD to install it, as it is now linked to a Microsoft account. This is very cool, as my laptop does not have CD/DVD reader. Below, I included the picture of my package.


More students – a new challenge

Today our group received twice as much students in comparison to yesterday. This was a bit stressful, as I had already set up a plan for some students. Hence, I tried to provide my new students with the material I already had and it appeared they found it interesting. My day was as following:

  1. Testing new students (I was the examiner) 
  2. Correcting
  3. Eating lunch (this was not easy, specially walking to the restaurant)
  4. Going through a text about piracy and distribution of intellectual properties.
  5. Answering questions
  6. Giving students homework (I was the only one who gave homework)
  7. Going through a text I wrote some months before (it seemed to be very hard, so we did not have time finish it. This might tell that the text is either very advanced or …, it is very good)
  8. We went through how to write a paragraph.

We did not have time to do that much because of the test, so tomorrow we are going to spend even more time on studying (it is raining tomorrow)!!!

Below, some pictures from my notes on the board:




Summer school in Falun


This photo is taken by my grandma that she directly uploaded on Facebook.

Since the last week I have participated in a project arranged by AIK to provide assistance for year 8-9 students in the core subjects, i.e. English, Swedish and Mathematics. I have of course chosen English as that is one of my best subjects so far! We started by giving them a test that I to some extent constructed, and after that we interviewed them. I participated in the interview as well, and during that interview I met individuals from various backgrounds.

I have created a category on this blog, so if you prefer to view posts regarding this activity, please add this link to your bookmarks.

All posts in this category are going to convey the experience gained so I recommend you to follow the step above, i.e. add it to your bookmarks! 🙂

Supporting material for subjects in year 9

I was going through my computer and found some booklets I have done during the Swedish school in year 8-9. These exercises have since then not been modified, and they were not marked as I did them because I wanted to!



  • task (a math contest designed for my class)
  • upg_ma (this was something random)
  • test2 (I got inspired when I read my mom’s math book, so I created this exercise) facit2
  • test (I liked a chapter about sequences so I decided to create an exercise. Interestingly enough , my one of my current areas of interest is sums and sequences) facit1

To be honest, I was more productive when writing school stuff during my first year in Katedralskolan, Uppsala, so I will upload those documents soon! 🙂


Received new books to read over summer

The test result on the physics test encouraged me to focus on definitions of simple concepts and, of course, on a deeper understanding of them. Therefore, I got two new books which will hopefully help. The one I am focusing on right now is the textbook(2nd editions, 2012), as I need it for the lab rapport (it explains everything very well). The second book (the study guide, 2nd edition, 2012) is by one of the authors of the textbook will serve as a revision guide for each chapter. Reading the textbook will be one of the tasks for the summer, although my Extended Essay and my other projects are important as well.


Working with Windows 8

Windows 8 is an amazing operating system. It is similar to Windows 7, although it requires a new kind of approach. Below, I have included some of the pictures taken from the metro UI menu.





Writing the outline for the Extended Essay

Yesterday, I was writing my Extended Essay outline. My topic is related to number theory (mathematics), although my approach to my question is a bit different. Through the entire research process, I have not considered any other research papers, and in the beginning I wanted to do the research with a pen, a paper, and a computer. I can say that the computation power has helped me a lot in this research, and I my mind people should appreciate computation proofs as they appreciate traditional mathematical proofs. Computer is like a tool that will hopefully simplify a lot of other tasks in the nearest feature!

Received my new ultrabook!

Today, I received my new ultrabook after ordering it from Dustin. It is made by Lenovo and seems to solve two tasks simultaneously: first, it functions like a pc and secondly, it might be used as a portable tablet. Before, I was thinking about getting a Mac, but I soon realized that I can get a much more powerful device for the same price. My version of the pc has built in 8GB of RAM and an Intel i7 processor. I got amazed by the fact that the package was very big compared to the laptop itself, so included some pictures below.

DSC00294 DSC00296 DSC00297 pic2
I still ask my self, why did I get it on test week, however, I’m still studying, as I have two tests remaining.


Individual oral presentation is over!

With the words like “Congratulation!” and “excellent language and structure” I left the examination room, and thought that now it is simply over. To my disappointment, I have realized that I have a test in Mathematics HL and History HL, which did not scary me that much, but when I gave this another minute of thought, I came to the conclusion that I have to finish my CAS folder, Physics lab rapport, Swedish Written Assignment form (which means I will need to compose it in less than two weeks), English Written Task, and to review the EE outline, although I think I am done with it.

C’est la vie, I will continue with my preparation for the exams tomorrow!

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